Ocean Recoveries Lab
Ocean Recoveries Lab
Biodiversity, assembly, and sustainability




Our research of biodiversity focuses on the causes and consequences of biodiversity. Specifically, why are there so many species, what drives variation in the number of species vary across space and time, how do similar species coexist, and how does biodiversity affect ecosystem function? 

Examples of this research include studies on how predators drive biodiversity (Stier et al. 2017, Stier et al. 2013, Stier et al. 2014), the development of new tools to analyze biodiversity data (Stier et al. 2016), and examining the role of mutualist diversity in driving the performance of corals (Stier et al. 2012, Stier et al. Coral Reefs verm). We also study the interface between biogeography (variable species diversity in space) and food web ecology (organisms consuming one another). For example, we have show that higher dispersal capacity of predators creates unique species rich predator communities on small isolated islands in the south pacific (Stier et al. 2014)

Selected Publications


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