Ocean Recoveries Lab
Ocean Recoveries Lab
Biodiversity, assembly, and sustainability



The timing of events is critical to the assembly of biological systems. In physiology, the circadian rhythm closely links geophysical time to an individual’s metabolism. In developmental biology, dramatic morphological changes associated with different phyla are driven by temporal variation in conserved gene expression. And in evolutionary biology, rapid insect speciation intimately follows the timing of flowering plant radiations. Assembly and stability of ecological systems are similarly dependent on the sequence at which species colonize. Many ecosystems exhibit repeated periods of development due to disturbance, seasonally regenerating habitats, and pulsed arrivals of juvenile organisms. During assembly, early arriving species can monopolize resources or alter the abiotic environment producing long lasting effects on ecosystem structure, stability, and function. Our work examines how the sequence and timing of species arrival drives the the rate, pathway, and extent of ecosystem recovery follow disturbance. 

Selected Publications


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